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Meet a new breed of cryptos and FX binary trading platforms: Spectre ai, a broker that is not really one since trading occurs on the blockchain, a system that prevents the freezing of your funds and full transparence. Browse Spectre.ai website.

What is Spectre ai?

Introducing Spectre.ai, a unique broker-less binary trading platform. This new concept allows traders to trade directly against the markets without interferences from the broker. Thanks to Ethereum blockchain technology, Spectre.ai either matches traders against a decentralized autonomous liquidity pool (DALP) or other traders on the platform. At any time liquidity is available, no binary trading scam is made possible with this setup since only immutable smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain can extract or send funds. Your money is always under your control!

How it works?

With Spectre ai you don’t have to deposit dollars or euro on a bank account to start trading. All you have to do is plug your Ethereum wallet (MetaMask) to the platform and start trading. This way your money leaves your wallet when you place a trade. When you win, it is immediately credited to the same wallet.

Another alternative is the following: you deposit money on Spectre ai smart contract. Your funds are not technically in your wallet anymore, but they are still not accessible by Spectre ai since only the smart contract code can decide whether money leaves your account. Which means:

  • If you place a trade on Spectre ai
  • If you decide to withdraw to your personal wallet

Both methods are perfectly safe for you. But why 2 methods, you may ask. As you might know, using the Ethereum network incurs transaction fees called gas cost. It means that when you trade directly from your wallet, you have to pay those fees each time you place a trade. The price can be extremely low when the network is underused, quite substantial when it is under heavy load. For big traders this is not an issue, but if you want to trade small amounts (Spectre ai I lose you to trade for as little as one dollar), this might represent quite some money. That’s why Spectre ai proposes this smart contract alternative (Regular (Mainnet) on the platform). With this solution you only pay gas cost when you deposit and withdraw money, placing a binary option trade is “free”. The disadvantage is that your Ether is not on your personal wallet anymore. But, again, we stress that nobody but you has access to those funds.

Spectre ai account set-up

The setup of a binary trading account with Spectre is simple whether it is a demo or live account. Click on the link to get all the details. Please not that if you want to trade for real money, you will have to go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, that usually takes a few minutes to complete if the automatic verification tool can validate the documents, more if manual checks are required.

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To join the Spectre community on Telegram (Unofficial group): https://t.me/SpectreAIUnofficial

Spectre.ai trading platform video webinar

Here is a more in-depth tour of the platform in video:

Invest in Spectre and earn passive income

You don’t have the skills (yet) to trade binary options but you believe this project will be successful? There is another way to earn money with the Spectre platform by investing in it. How? Simply buy SXDT tokens and share half of the Spectre fees with the other token holders. Spectre is only the first application of the DALP. Many more will follow, such as games. Want to know more? Download the Spectre SXDT investor guide PDF.