Digital options FAQ

What is

The main objective of this website is to adress the dysfunctions of the binary options trading industry and promote blockchain-based alternatives that ensures fairness. But it is also a place that discusses trading courses, trading signals, indicators, strategies, risk management, emotions management, etc.

This website only talks about, you are shilling it to get your referrer commission.

I promote justice and transparency, so I will tell you what pushed me to create this website. I got to know Spectre as a crypto investor. I decided to invest in SXDT as I identified an opportunity of course, but also because the project is ethical. So yes it is in my interest to promote Spectre, yes I send interested visitors to the platform via a referral link. It does not change the fact that, as traders say it themselves, this solution is superior to existing brokers. I never joined referral programs of this industry as I’m not ready to “sell” anything. If you want to join the platform and make sure I won’t get a commission for my work no problem, just type the address without the code.