As a trader, do you focus on EURUSD pair? If yes, here is a good reason to use Spectre (among many others): effective now, EURUSD binary options payouts stands now at 85%! This high payout means that you win rate have to be substantially lower to make profits. Create your free account now.

High payouts, high reliability: Spectre

THis said, a high payout is great. But it’s completely useless if you use a scammy brokers that is rigging charts. Or not paying your hard earned digital options profits. This is not the case with Spectre, which has a stellar reputation since it has launched its platform in 2018. Many traders have already attested that withdrawals is never an issue with this broker? Why? Because it does not make profits on traders losses, but on volumes (via a modest trading fee).

Moreover, you can increase your profits by using “Spells”. In exchange of a daily fee, your payouts can be increased from 1 to 5%! The highest increase costs only $2.49. To find out about all the rich features of the platform, please read our Spectre review.

Other reasons to switch to Spectre

EPIC is another reason why Spectre is increasingly popular among binary options traders. EPIC is a proprietary volatility index based on historical price movements of the euro. Patterns mimic those experienced in FX trading. Which means technical analysis can be used efficiently to win trades. Why trading on a composite index instead of real currency pairs? Because contrary to FX, EPIC never closes! You can trade anytime of the day, during weekday or week-ends… This gives you way more flexibility to accomodate your trading sessions with your work, family life, etc.

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Soon zero leverage CFD’s will be available. And don’t forget that with SIP, you can earn a $1,000 bonus every week! The prize is awarded to the trader who generated the most volumes every week.