Spectre, one of the most trusted trading platform in the world due to its unique model and transparency, keeps on innovating. After EPIC, an exciting, round the clock trading product based on EUR historical movement, Spectre introduces Reverse Futures on big stocks such as Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc.

Try Reverse Futures now

What is Reverse Futures?

The data feed of Spectre Reverse Futures is based on historical price data, representing intraday market movements of various stocks (TSLA, AMZN, etc.). These historical contracts can be traded just like any other digital options asset on the platform (up/down trades). The assets are synthetically constructed from historical price data and then streamed forward in time. With a heavy net long bias, through the years, in all global major equities now available on the Spectre.ai platform, this providers traders with a great edge.

Why trading Reverse Futures with Spectre?

Here are the main perks of Spectre Reverse Futures:

  • Payouts start from 90% up to 400% for 3 consecutive winning trades (with Chains)
  • Trade 24/7, including weekends and bank holidays. It never stops!
  • Expiries from just 1 second to end of day
  • No drop in payouts, regardless of time of day!
  • Liquid charts that update almost every instant, with animated splines.
  • 100% based on real financial market data, not a random number generator




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