Early closure is now available on EPIC asset class! You can now close your binary options trade before the expiry to secure your profits or minimize your lossed. With this new feature, Spectre AI continues to expand its offer to propose one of the most attractive digital options platform.

Early closure : play it safe!

Spectre.Ai reputation is growing thanks to its safe and fair trading environment. Since 2018, traders can enjoy this new model that promotes ethics. The platform remuneration depends on volumes rather than losses. It has therefore no incentive to fleece its customers, as it is often the case in this space. That’s also why Spectre promotes safe practices. Its unique risk management system being one of the measures taken to that end. Early closure is another one. It allows traders to close a position before it expires. This feature was already available for FX. It is now extended to EPIC, the volatility indices based on EUR historical data that are found only at Spectre.ai.

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early closure on EPIC

Why binary options early closure?

Early closure procures 2 kind of benefits to traders:

  • It allows to book profits before the end of the trade
  • It allows to minimize losses when things go wrong

Binary options early closure is therefore a powerful tool to manage risk better.

How does it work?

early closure profit

It’s very simple. Once you open a trade, it appears in the Orders list. A blue button Close is found next to each trade. If you want to close it anticipatedly, just click on Close. A pop-up will appear. It will state what profit or loss you can book by closing the trade earlier. Click on Close Position if you agree, or just disregard the offer (Cancel).

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Early closure is only available up to a certain point (and for expiries that are long enough). For example, on a 5 min trade, it is available during 4 minutes. The proposed payout depends on how far you are from the strike point, and the remaining time before expiry.