Here is a new option for people looking for binary options signals : Fox Trading. Fox Trading offers FX signals that can be followed for free (manually), or used via auto trading. Those automated binary options signals work with

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What is Fox Trading?

In 2016, Fox Binary Signals, a binary options signals provider, managed to be a benchmark in the market thanks to an accuracy of over 85%. Then the company entered the cryptocurrencies market. Despite the great results, the service had to be stopped due to binary options broker’s regulations and bad practices. But now, they believe that has come the time to get back to the roots.

Looking for a reliable broker to work with, Fox Trading  always had a great relationship with, a fraud-free broker of Digital Options. Now that Spectre have finally launched their own API, FOx is ready to bring their algorithm to their platform, you can now start getting the most from your investment with Fox Trading complete hands-free AutoTrading system!

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How those binary options signals work ?

Fox Trading track records

You simply have to register to the platform. Manual signals are fired for free. If you want to use their automated signals, you must pay for the service. According to them, the algorithm accuracy has been set over 85% with Fox Trading REENTRY strategy, which allows a 20% monthly increase of your balance. You just need to hook your Spectre account and it will take care of everything via the API.

How to join Auto Trading?

Traders will have, unfortunately, to be familiar with cryptos to avail this service. Indeed, Auto Trading service can only be bought via FOXT token (Ethereum ERC-20). Life-time access to the service is granted with an initial payment of 30,000 FOXT, and the commission charged of your profit is 10%, with the possibility of being reduced in the future. Later, the amount of FOXT required to access the service will be higher, as well as the commission charged on the profit — more FOXT, less commission. So service cost is a bit unclear and lack transparency.

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