Looking for free binary options signals? Here is an option worth considering! Named  “BINARY OPTIONS EPIC 400% TRADER“, it is a free Telegram channel that fires binary options free signals 24h day, 7 days a week. It is therefore useful irrespective of your timezone. Whether you are from Asia, Europe, Africa or American continent, there are always digital options signals provided for free when you are trading.

Binary Options EPIC 400% TRADER signal: what is it about?

If you don’t know yet about Telegram, it is an increasingly popular chat app that can be installed for free on PC or mobile device (like Whatsapp or Viber) . Once you have set up your account, you just need to join the Binary Options EPIC 400% TRADER signal channel by clicking on this link : https://t.me/EPICSIGNALSNOW

The channel will fire signals when the algorithm identify a potentially winning trade (puts or calls). It can be one signal per hour, or 5 per hour, it depends on the market dynamics. It is called 400% trader because Spectre has a 400% profit trade setup called Chain. In short, you must win 3 trades in a row to get the 400% payout. It is a bit similar to accumulator principle in sports betting. Even though those signals can be used in Chains, you can trade single puts/calls as well, on mobile app or website (90% payout).

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Why are those signals free?

The owner is a UK based trader. He has a few years of experience in FX and binary options trading. He is now focusing on EPIC since it gives him the flexibility to trade anytime during the day or the week. He is also an affiliate of Spectre trading platform. Users who register via his link will generate commissions for him. The more they trade, the more he benefits. But you can just avail his free binary options signals even if you already have a Spectre account. If you don’t, it’s not bad if you register with his affiliate link to support his service.

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Do I have to trade on Spectre those signals?

Yes. Those signals are valid for EPIC5000, which is a Spectre proprietary volatility index (VIX). You will therefore only find it at Spectre.ai.

Are those free signals good?

From the limited testing I made, the signals are decent. You can anyway try them out via your unlimited Spectre demo account. It does not cost you anything to try them out.