Make profits when trading digital options can be a difficult task. Spectre, the rising binary options platform, offers new ways of making money to its most prolific traders. Spectre Incentive Program (SIP) is a sort of tournament that rewards weekly and annually the trader with the highest volumes.

SIP Spectre

Rewarding high frequency traders

Spectre brokerless model depends on traders volume, rather than losses, to be financially profitable. In other words, it takes a fee on each trade instead of pocketing the proceeds of lost trades. Money from lost trades feed the DALP, the liquidity pool. Payouts are subsequently provided by the DALP. They want you, the trader, to be profitable, and to trade a lot, while other brokers just hope their traders will blow their account. Spectre Incentive Program has therefore been designed to reward high frequency traders.

Boost your trading income with Spectre SIP

SIP has 2 contests:

  1. Weekly contest: earn $1.000 if you generate the highest trading volume during a week
  2. Yearly contest: earn $50.000 if you generate the highest trading volume during the course of the year

Those contests are open to anybody trading on real money live account. You can win as many prizes you are entitled.

Not trading yet on Spectre? Open your account now

Click here to signup and trade on your demo account, or start immediately to compete for the weekly and yearly bonus! Thanks to EPIC you can trade 24h a day, 7 days a week and earn payout up to 100% without privileges, 105% with a privilege subscription and even 400% profit with Chain.

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Spectre Incentive Program: FAQ

When does weekly contests start and end?

Each trading week starts on Sunday 00:00:00 GMT and finishes on Saturday 23:59:59 GMT.

When does the yearly contest starts and ends?

It starts on January 1st (for a full year) and ends on December 31.

How are SIP bonuses paid?

SIP reward is paid on your trading account. Once your balance is updated, you can withdraw it without limitations.

Can they ask me to participate in promotional events and announcement?

Yes, it is a possibility. Your name will appear on Spectre website.

How long do I have to wait to get my Spectre Incentive Program prize?

You will be personally contacted within 48 hours, your prize will be available within 48 h.

Can I use bots?

Sure, manual and auto trading are valid ways to generate volumes for SIP purpose