Looking for high yield binary options opportunities? Look no further: here is Chain, an innovative product offered only at Spectre.ai. Chains allow you to earn an insanely high payout of 400%! Here is how it works, how to avail this unique offering in the digital options realm.

400% payout on binary options: Chain

Scammy brokers are known to offer high payouts. Following the saying that “when it’s too good to be true, it’s most probably not true”, there are usually catches. For instance, it might be very hard if not impossible to withdraw profits. This is not the case with Spectre, who has established itself as one of the most reliable and trusted binary options platforms in the world.

So if Spectre offers a product with 400% payout, called Chains, you can trust that it is totally legit. Here is how it works.

How Chain works?

Chains is a one-of-a-kind offering in the trading space. If it offers a high yield, it is because of its nature. In the case of your standard binary options trade, you simply have to determine whether an asset will go up or down to win. In case of chains, you have to make 3 correct calls in a row to win. Hence the name Chain.

To avail this offer, you need first to activate Chains in your Spectre account. This is a special privilege that can be subscribed to in Trader’s Bay (some kind of shop, read more here about Trader’s Bay). This privilege cost $1.49 per day.

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Once it’s activated, it doesn’t mean that you trade on Chain mode by default. You need to arm Chain mode if you want to try to earn 400% payout. To do so, you just have to click on the Chain mode link placed just above the buttons UP DOWN.

Once Chain is armed, you will see 3 bars, representing the 3 trades in a row that you must win to get paid 4 times your investment. If you get your first trade right, the first bar will become green. If you get the second trade right, the second one will become green. And if you win the third one, you will get paid 400%.

Spectre’s Chains: good to know

Here is a few things to know about Chains:

  • The minimum investment is 3 dollars (1.5 dollar if microtrading privilege is activated)
  • When Chain is armed, investment is automatically reset to 3 dollars to avoid “fat finger” error. Don’t forget to adjust if you want to trade more
  • You can use puts and calls within the same chain, it doesn’t matter
  • Chains are only available on EPIC assets. Click on the following for more info about EPIC assets (Epochal Price Index Composite, based on the euro historical movements)
  • Chain’s trades must be placed on the same trading pair, it’s asset-specific. For example, you cannot make your first trade on EPIC 5000, then the second on EPIC 3000.

How about trying Chain without risk? Sign up now by clicking here and practice with your free Spectre demo account.

Spectre.ai Business Development head Khalik Pratama said:

“No other platform offers anything remotely similar to Trader’s Bay, nor the benefits derived from it, like 400% payouts for instance or the ability to halve spread on all contracts at the click of a button!” He went on to say, “we are changing speculative trading from something that is purely finance based to something much more visual and fun and current for today’s generation.”