Spectre ai is not only trying to eliminate fraud in binary options trading. It is also innovating to reinvent the industry. After the introduction of the brokerless model, EPIC asset class tradable 24h a day and 7 days a week, the smart options platform has now introduced Trader’s Bay. This shop allows traders to subscribe on a daily basis to different services in order to unlock many privileges.

What is Trader’s Bay?

Trader’s Bay is a shop that is heavily influenced by what is done in the gaming industry. When gamers can buy skins and weapons (sometimes cosmetic, sometimes providing an advantage), Spectre traders can now acquire similar items on a subscription basis. It can be cosmetic, such as charms for superstitious people. But it can also provide big advantages, such as:

  • Higher payouts (up to 5%)
  • Lower spread (50%)
  • More open position (2 times more than allowed)
  • Lower minimum trade (0.5 dollar instead of 1)
  • Bigger maximum trade size (2x)
  • Huge payout bonus (400%) after 3 wins in a row

Trader’s Bay proposes right now 3 categories of privileges:

  • Spells: higher payouts, from 1 to 5%
  • Enhancements: various privileges
  • Charms: cosmetics

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Spells are another word for higher payouts. In short, you get a few percentage points extra payouts once the spell is active. For traders with high volumes it is a must. For example, for 2.49 dollars you get 5% extra. For a successful trade of 100 dollars, it means 5 dollars extra profit. You therefore get your investment back and 2.5 extra dollars in one trade.

  • Hanuman:+1% higher payout on FX ($0.49/day)
  • Naga: +2% higher payout on FX ($0.99/day)
  • Phoenix: +3% higher payout on FX ($1.49/day)
  • Garuda: +4% higher payout on FX ($1.99/day)
  • Unicorn: +5% higher payout on FX ($2.49/day)
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Spectre trader's bay spells


As the name suggests, enhancements open new and exclusive privileges. Jumbo trades is ideal for whales who want to trade bigger amounts. Shredder reduces by 50 percent the spread, it is almost a must for traders who enjoy short and micro expiries. Chains give an insane +400% payout in case of 3 winning trades in a row. Only Spectre offers such features!

  • Chains: +400% payout for 3 wins in a row ($1.49/day)
  • Jumbo trades: x2 Investment size ($0.99/day)
  • Waterfall: x2 Number of open positions ($0.79/day)
  • Shredder: 50% Lower spread ($0.49/day)
  • Spark: Sparkline charts ($0.09/day)
  • Microtrading: Min investment size at $0.5 instead of 1 dollar ($0.19/day)

Spectre trader's bay enhancements


For the superstitious traders or people who enjoy cosmetic things. Only for decorative purpose if you fancy such.

  • JY’s Pendant Cosmetic $0.09/day
  • Aladdin`s Magic Lamp Cosmetic $0.19/day
  • Wukong`s Golden Circlet Cosmetic $0.29/day
  • Kris Taming Sari Cosmetic $0.39/day
  • Maneki-Neko Cosmetic $0.49/day

Spectre Charms (Trader's bay)