Spectre ai, the world’s first regulated and broker-less financial trading platform, is rolling out a new full-fiat account. It means that as of now, traders can take advantage of the fairest binary options platform without getting exposed to Ether volatility.

Indonesian traders can use their Fasapay account to deposit and withdraw

Fasapay is one of the most popular payment service provider of Indonesia. The company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Anybody in the world can open a Fasapay account, except residents of the USA and Canada. It is however in Indonesia that the vast majority of its users are located.

If you already have a Spectre account, here is how to switch your regular wallet to fiat. Newly created account might find the article useful (if you are an Indonesian trader and did not try Spectre yet, you can register here and trade for free with the demo account ; the trial is unlimited, no deposit required).

Why trade binary options with Spectre in Indonesia?

Unique assets, broker-less model, sleek UI… There are many reasons to choose Spectre when trading binary options in Indonesia. With the integration of Fasapay as PSP, it also becomes very convenient.

When you trade smart options with a regular broker, you trade against his books. The more you lose, the more the broker makes money, and vice versa. This unhealthy setup is responsible for the widespread frauds that has been plaguing binary options.

Spectre has created and adopted a brand-new model. You trade either against another trader (P2P), either against its decentralized liquidity pool. This pool of money pays winning trades and absorbs lost trades money. Spectre earns a fee on each trade. Its profitability depends on volumes rather than losses of the traders. This whole new concept is truly revolutionary.

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To prove this commitment to provide a fraud-free trading environment, Spectre allows traders to trade without deposit, directly from their Ethereum account. However, due to poor adoption of blockchain technology and market demand, the management has decided to implement fiat wallets. This is why, as an Indonesian trader, you can now use Fasapay to manage your funds on this smart options platform.

A unique range of smart options

Spectre also has unique products, like 10 seconds expiry on FX pairs, VIX assets tradable 24h a day, 7 days a week offering up to 90% payout (called EPIC), even on nanoexpiries (1 second). Spectre doesn’t employ sales people who will harass you. It also has an advanced risk management system to protect you against yourself (overtrading). To read more about the full list of Spectre.ai advantages, read our in-depth Spectre review.