You had always dreamt of being able to trade smart options anytime you want, weekdays or weekends, morning or evening, and if possible with enough liquidity to be able to trade in good conditions? EPIC solves all those issues with a one of a kind approach that can be trusted. Finally here is a trustable alternative to VIX indexes.

Smart options that never sleep

FX markets are big, which means they are liquid in principle. Still, there are many periods during which the lack of action is blatant… when they are not simply closed. Trading during those quiet periods is hard and dull. Which means certain traders might have to avoid trading altogether during certain days.

What if you could trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on charts displaying good liquidity? Of course an asset that presents such profile does not exist. One had to be creative to solve this issue. Hopefully a solution has been designed: EPIC. EPIC markets are always open, price movements are similar to those experienced in live markets when liquidity is the amplest. And even more importantly, it is based on an audited data feed. It is therefore very different of your usual VIX index, which is in most of the cases nothing else than a random number generator.

What is EPIC?

EPIC stands for “Epochal Price Index Composite”. It is a Spectre in house benchmark index based on historical, real movements of the euro VS main currencies. As such, EPIC price movements follow (or not) the patterns encountered in real markets. Traders, armed with their technical analysis tools, can take winning positions on EPIC as on pairs like USDJPY or EURUSD. It is similar to VIX indexes offered by certain brokers. However, EPIC is regulated and auditable, which is very important from a trust point of view. 3 indexes are available to trade:

  • EPIC1000: 80% payout
  • EPIC3000: 85% payout
  • EPIC5000: 90% payout
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Advantages of EPIC

  • Liquid charts: price updates are very dynamic, which provides a very pleasant and thrilling trading experience
  • Weekend trading, 24h a day: tired of waiting for the right moment to trade? EPIC never stops, 24-hour trading, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Up to 90% payout rate : high volatility means high payouts, from 80 to 90%. And no drop in payouts, regardless of the time of day!
  • Nano-expiries: EPIC offers expiries of 1 second, 3 seconds and 5 seconds as well! This complements the existing range of Micro-expiries which are 10 second, 30 second and 1 min. Trading the EPIC means you can earn up to 90% payout within 1 s.
  • Clean interface for short-term trades: you can see where you entered and exited a trade even on short term expiries as little as 1 second. Too much clutter on the chart after a busy trading session? You can wipe the slate clean by individually removing all historical trades from your charts.

Give EPIC a try!

A picture is worth a thousand words! So why not trying EPIC right now? You can do so by registering a demo account on (no time limit, no credit card required) : register. And you can, of course, trade for real money since EPIC1000, EPIC3000 and EPIC5000 are live.