You have been searching for the adrenaline packed binary options micro expiries that are 1 minute, 30 seconds or even 10 seconds? Brokers don’t usually propose such short expiries, or they canceled it a while ago. Your quest is over: here is the only binary options platform offering 10 sec and 30 sec expiry in 2019: Spectre.

Digital options 30 and 10 s expiry: one alternative in 2019

10 seconds binary options micro expiryAfter a successful introduction of those turbo expiries ¬†in 2018 on the demo platform,¬†Spectre has been offering 10 seconds and 30 seconds microexpiries. If you don’t have a Spectre account yet, you can register for free and try it out for an unlimited period by clicking here (note : US citizens, and from another few countries, cannot trade on the platform).

The payout rates that are offered on FX and crypot pairs is attractive. You can earn up to 75% on the most liquid FX pairs, such as USDJPY. For crypto pairs the payout on 30 and 10 sec expiry is way lower.

100% safe trading for binary options turbo expiries

Trust has been, and still is, a big issue in the world of binary options, smart options, CFDs, etc. It is really hard to trust any broker. Since ESMA prevents regulated brokers to offer and sell those products in the European union, dishonest brokers or scams are incentivized.

So how can you be sure Spectre will pay your profits in such space? They made the problem very simple when it comes to your profits and the availability of your money: you simply don’t have to trust them, since you don’t have to deposit money on their bank account to trade. Spectre deposits and withdrawals are managed by the Ethereum blockchain.

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Either you trade directly from your Ethereum wallet, either you deposit your ETH on their smart contract. The code prevents your money to be seized. Only you can decide when to withdraw, how much…. Spectre has no way to prevent this. This groundbreaking model is unique, it solves once and for all the trust issue. But it’s not to that regard that Spectre is different. You will never be harassed by sales people, nobody will push you to overtrade.

About the fairness of trades, everything is recorded on the blockchain, prices are verifiable. This is really an environment that has been designed to offer complete transparency and fairness. On top of that, it is the only BO broker that let you trade 10 and 30 seconds expiries in 2019.