You have a hard time using ForkDelta or EtherDelta to buy SXDT? Annoyed with the bad experience, delays etc., but you want to buy SXDT tokens to profit from Spectre growth? There is a solution to those hermetic exchanges: DexDex aka EasyTrade. Here is below a snippet that allows you to buy SXDT as easy as 1,2 3.

Buy SXDT? Easy

It’s so straightforward that the reasonable fee compensates the hassle. You select your wallet, the number of tokens you want to buy and confirm. That’s it, once the transaction is mined on the Ethereum blockchain you have your SXDT in your wallet! Furthermore the fee might also be compensated by lower transactions fees as you just have to make one transaction to get the SXDT in your wallet (MetaMask, Ledger or Trezor).

How it works?

DexDex smart contract interacts with decentralized exchanges. It pulls their sell book to calculate the price for any quantity. Once you click the buy button it procures the SXDT coins on the exchange and send them to your wallet.

The only drawback of this system is that you can only buy from existing sell orders. Which means that when the spread is high, you might have to be patient to pull a decent sell offer. I have used this exchange method dozens of time, it is reliable. The only problem you might encounter is if someone bought before you the tokens, partly or fully. The system will buy whatever tokens quantity it can get at the specified price, the remaining ETH will be refunded immediatly.

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