CASET, the long-awaited feature that will allow traders with zero knowledge about cryptocurrencies to trade on is finally available! You can load your decentralized account with traditional fiat methods such as credit cards and wire transfers in EUR, USD or any other currency. Create your account now to trade without risk binary options!

Why a fiat option?

Cryptocurrencies enthusiasts strongly believe that the blockchain will revolutionize the world the same way Internet did. If they might be right, it does not mean that that revolution will happen overnight. For vanguard projects such as Spectre, it is crucial to cater to every kind of trader. From those familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Ether to those who barely heard of it. Even if the decentralized nature of Spectre is appealing given the numerous scams that are taking place in the binary options industry, not everybody is eager to learn how the Ethereum network works. Spectre has removed this barrier with the implementation of CASET.

How CASET works?

It’s simple. The procurement of Ethereum will occur via Uphold, a fully regulated US exchange similar to Coinbase. Spectre and Uphold have implemented a link between both platforms. From Spectre you can fund your decentralized account with your Uphold ETH funds bought easily with a credit card or a bank transfer.

How to use CASET in Spectre?

Register on Uphold. Since it is a regulated exchange, you will have to go through KYC. It took me a few minutes.

  1. Register on Spectre. Once your email address validated, set up your account. Add, on top of the default demo account, the “Regular” account type and choose source of funds “Personal UPHOLD exchange account”. Click save and next.
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CASET account Spectre

2. You will have now to link your Uphold account by logging in in your account via the following pop-up window that will appear :

Link Uphold Spectre

3. Uphold will then ask your permission to authorize @spectreglobal application in order to allow the transfers between Spectre and Uphold.

Uphold authorization

4. After you click the Authorize button, the link is established, CASET is active. You’ll get the confirmation message below

CASET success

5. Continue the account setting procedure until the end.

6. Once done, you will have to KYC, which should be quick as well (a couple of minutes if automatic verification is successful). As a reminder, US traders are not allowed, among few others restricted countries, to trade on Spectre.

7. You can now load you decentralized wallet by clicking on Deposit fund (drop down bow next to your balance).

CASET: deposit in fiat

I’m not able to show you further because my active account has already a Regular wallet funded via a personal Ethereum address, but it should be pretty straightforward.

The whole procedure should not take more than 15/20 minutes. Nobody likes red tape, but honestly, what do you prefer, open an account and top it up in 5 min and maybe never see your money again, or spend some time to go through some regulatory compliance steps to trade after in peace of mind. The choice is yours 🙂