10 seconds binary options expiry! Yes, it is possible to trade such short expiry. Forget about turbo, this is even more fast paced, let’s talk about microexpiry! In this article I will show you how to trade 10 seconds, and also where since only one platform in the world offers this kind of experience (check it out here).

Binary options 10 seconds expiry: does that make sense?

Binary options opponents claim that 5 min or 1 min binary options are gambling, so how could we define 10 seconds? Let’s be honest, the random factor is much higher than when you trade 1 hour expiry. However, from my experience it is also much easier. Since I started I have much better results with 10 seconds than, let’s say, end of hour. The reason is simple: with such short expiry you have to focus on way less stuffs. You just have to keep an eye on 2-3 things:

  • Very short term support and resistance levels
  • Momentum
  • End of candles/big news

So yes, there is a much higher “gambling factor” in 10 s expiries compared to the longer ones. It’s also why they are so fun to trade. However if you take on average 10 persons who have absolutely zero knowledge about trading, and 10 persons who know basics (such as explained in this free PDF binary options guide for beginners), the latter group will perform much better than the former one.

Beside knowing the basics about support and resistance levels, you also need good reflexes, good nerves and maybe good intuition, aka this capacity to “feel” the market.

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How to trade 10 s expiry

In my opinion the safest is to follow the trend using natural resistance and support levels as signals to take a trade. Those levels are mainly provided by the Bollinger bands and the 5 DMA on the 1 min chart.

It is better to trade when there is enough liquidity to induce decent price changes… but not too much, otherwise getting the desired entry point is almost impossible.

Here is an example:

binary options : 10 sec strategy

At 14.46.57, EURUSD pair is in a downtrend. The yellow line, the DMA 5, acts clearly as a resistance level that prevents the price to go up, while the lower Bollinger band (blue) conditions somehow how low the 1 min candle price can go (although it is less reliable as you can see, that’s why you should place trades that follows the trend, so puts when the market goes down and calls when the market goes up ; if the market is flat you can place puts and calls). On the chart above when the price touches the DMA 5 it is the right moment to place a put (10 seconds expiry). There are good chances that within that timeframe the price will go down again. This is of course not guaranteed as a reversal will happen sooner or later. But still in case of reversal, markets will usually hesitate a few times. Let’s see what happened:

binary options 10 sec outcome

After getting up the yellow line briefly the price went down. If you play this strategy at the right moment you can see that it can be quite profitable. See what happened after :

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follow up strategy

The reversal occurred (on our candle the price went further south then jumped up), now the price goes sharply up and guess what : the DMA 5 becomes a support level. So now you switch to the opposite strategy, you place calls when the price hits the DMA 5. You won’t win them all because sometimes the price will move a fraction of second before your finger hits the mouse button. Still you can achieve more than 60% win rate, even if you lose the trade made before the next trend switch (keep an eye at the RSI or MSI, when we are close to oversold or overbought level it might be wise to stop trading until the next reversal).

You can also take advantage of the big news, but bear in mind payouts will be lower during such events.

Which binary options broker offers 10 sec expiry in 2018?

Spectre is at the moment the only binary options platform that offers 10 sec expiry on currencies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin… Payout is as high as 75% on USDJPY, which is, in my opinion, a very good deal (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s lowered). Not only Spectre.ai is the only one to give the opportunity to trade 10 seconds, but it is also the only smart options platform on which traders always stay in control of their funds and with liquidity coming from a decentralized liquidity pool. Read my Spectre.ai review here.


There is no ultimate strategy. The example shown has the perfect market conditions to apply such 10 seconds strategy, it won’t work that good all the time (I got 6/7 this morning because of this perfect environment, yesterday was another story…). Be patient and wait for this kind of chart. Don’t forget to practice on your Spectre demo account (if you don’t have one, register here).