As every binary options beginner, you have been searching on the Internet strategies that will help you to achieve a win rate higher than 60%, what is required to make profits. You stumbled upon articles and videos explaining you how you can get a win rate of 80, 90 or 100%, even if you are a complete beginner. Why is this a scam? Here it is.

The binary option strategy that wins all the time… sure

It is “easy”, “anybody can do it”. You will achieve incredible win rates : 80 %, 90%, some are even less shy than that and promise 100% ITM. Those videos and articles are often promoted with material that shows you how rich you will become (devices counting bills… yeah, your broker will send you USD bills and all you have to do is to count them…). When you think a bit about it, this does not make sense. But still, many people are falling for it. Because they need money. Because they want a lot of money. They see a video in which the strategy is executed, and it works. So it must be true. But wait a second.

I can make a 100% ITM video with the most stupid strategy

First, you would have to make sure that the video has been taken live, without editing, to make sure that the author did not simply choose winning trades. Even by following the most stupid strategy you can make a 100% ITM video this way. All you need is persistence.

And even if you do it live without cheating, it does not mean that the strategy would continue to work, that the trader did not take other factors into consideration. You see, every binary option strategy would work differently according to market conditions. As I already pointed out before, knowing the strategies to use is not the challenge when learning binary options. The hardest part is to identify when to use them, to be calm and sharp to choose the right entry points, without getting distracted by emotions and greed. This binary options strategy using SMI scan work amazingly well, or do terrible.

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Simple strategies without explanations

Most of those videos feature simple BO strategies without explanations. For example, I have seen one claiming you can get great results by following signals provided by technical indicators, such as this one, that I have already mentioned as a resource.

This video has no audio explanations, it just shows that you should follow the signal provided by the website and you will win most of the time. It does not talk about the news, the different part of the days during which liquidity changes, etc. Yes, it’s interesting to use such resources. But it is completely insufficient for a strategy. If it was so easy, people would know it.

Why such people do those binary options video?

Simple: they are trying to make you believe that binary options trading is a piece of cake, that you don’t need to know anything to deposit your hard earned money, that profits will come overnight with one or two tricks and that you will become rich. Those people are affiliates and get compensated for sending people to the broker, or it is a video ordered by brokers as a customers acquisition funnel.

This said, I have seen some fair videos about binary options. You can learn things here and there. But most are crap, beware. Always test new strategies on your demo account. 5 trades is nowhere close to be enough to validate a strategy.