Good news for the owners of a Trezor hardware wallet: it is now possible to trade directly from your Trezor wallet on ! Not because the platform has added Trezor support, but because MetaMask support since version 4.9.0 one of the most popular hardware wallets.

Official announcement of Trezor support

It has been announced officially by the MetaMask 2 days ago. The latest update of the browser extension wallet has, among other cool new features, Trezor support. Simply click on the top right circle in the extension window, then select « Connect Hardware Wallet ». Once your Trezor is connected, all you have to do is to select the account you want to view. Once selected, you’re all set and start doing a lot of great stuff. Such as using dapps that I have MetaMask support, but no hardware wallet support. For example, exchange tokens on Bancor… or trade directly from your Trezor wallet on Spectre.

Among other nice features of the latest version of MetaMask is the automatic loading of ERC20 tokens. You can therefore see immediately your SXUT, that you use to unlock privileges on Spectre platform. You also get a notification when your transaction has been completed on the Ethereum network.

When Ledger support?

There is no information yet about Ledger support. But Trezor integration completed, we can assume that MetaMask team is now working on Ledger support. This will undoubtedly be a great step towards security and better convenience for dapps users. It will also avoid a lot of projects working on wallet integration when MetaMask does the job beautifully, hence reinventing the wheel multiple times.

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Should I be concerned to access my Trezor with MetaMask?

Absolutely not, your private keys remain encrypted in your Trezor. If you use MEW to manage tokens on your Trezor, it is exactly the same principle.