When trading with Spectre, you already enjoy the biggest privilege of all, which is to be able to safely trade digital options. Without deposit and with the constant ability to withdraw your funds instantly. Your wins are instantly credited to your account. But you can also avail some extended perks by holding a certain quantity of SXUT. In this article, we will go through the SXUT privileges you can avail, and also how to secure them.

SXUT Privileges Within Spectre

Spectre is a blockchain based digital options platform. An ICO therefore helped secure the money that was required to build the platform and to provide liquidity via the DALP (decentralized autonomous liquidity pool). Investors received in exchange of their contribution two types of tokens, according to their wishes: SXDT and SXUT. SXUT is the utility token that can be used within Spectre and the broader Dappverse ecosystem to unlock certain features, accesses, etc.

A fixed price in dollars is associated to each unlock. The quantity of SXUT needed for each feature therefore depends on the token price. For your convenience we have put between parenthesis the quantity needed at the base price of 0.2 dollars per token.

payout : your main privilegeHere are the list of the current and future SXUT privileges and unlocks available to Spectre binary trading platform. The amounts are in USD :

  • Up to 10% higher payouts (Smart Options) $400 (2000 SXUT) : get higher payout when you win a trade
  • +10 FX pairs unlock (Smart Options & Smart CFDs) $50 (250 SXUT)
  • +10 Crypto pairs unlock (Smart Options & Smart CFDs) $100 (500 SXUT)
  • Jumbo trade size unlock (Smart Options & Smart CFDs) $500 : be able to trade higher size (capped at USD 500 currently)
  • Exotic expiries (trader defined expiries per min) $50
  • Live chat support $500
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Later on:

  • Up to 300bps lower spread (Smart CFDs)* $400 (2000 SXUT)
  • + ICO alt-coins unlock (Smart Options)* $100 (500 SXUT)
  • +10 Equities unlock (Smart Options & Smart CFDs)* $50 (250 SXUT)
  • +10 ETFs unlock (Smart Options & Smart CFDs)* $50 (250 SXUT)
  • +10 Bonds unlock (Smart Options & Smart CFDs)* $50 (250 SXUT)

How to unlock those Spectre features?

You must hold those SXUT on the ETH wallet you use to trade on Spectre. If you don’t own them yet, please check the following sub-section. If you do, go straight to “SXUT Unlock”.

How to get SXUT?

Bibox exchange is currently the best place to get some SXUT (go to Bibox.com). You can also grab some on decentralized exchanges such as ForkDelta and IDEX, but the tokens are usually more expensive and the procedure is more complicated. You need, of course, Ethereum to buy them. We suggest you buy a bit more than the quantity calculated based on the current price of SXUT to have a safety buffer in case the price drops.

  • If you are not so familiar with Ethereum, we recommend you to buy your Ether on Coinbase (go to CoinBase exchange).
  • Once registered on Coinbase, you just have to link a payment method (your bank account, credit card or debit card). You’ll need to complete some verification steps before you can use your Coinbase account to buy some Ether.
  • Once you have purchased your ETH, click on the following link to open an account with Bibox.com.
  • Once done, check the ETH deposit address where you should send your ETH (Funds/Master Account, then click on deposit next to ETH).
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bibox deposit ETH to buy SXUT

  • Go back to your Coinbase account and click on “Accounts”, then “Send” under “ETH Wallet”. Paste the Bibox deposit address and send.
  • After a few minutes you should see the ETH credited in your Bibox account (it usually takes around 20 confirmations, sometimes more than 40). Buy your SXUT via “Token trading” and transfer them to your ETH wallet (MetaMask, for example) that you use.

SXUT unlock in Spectre

Log into your Spectre account. Click on the Cogwheel icon at the top right of the screen then click on Account settings. Click on SXUT Privileges to open the section that allows you to turn them on. You will see the list of unlocks that are currently available (screenshot made in May 2018) :

SXUT privileges in Spectre aiAs you can see, you can see below how many tokens are available in your wallet, and the current price per SXUT. It calculates automatically how many tokens you need for each privilege. Just turn on the slider of the unlock that interest you and hit the save button to activate it or them. That’s it: you can now benefit of additional assets, higher payouts or customized expiries to expand your binary options trading experience one step further.

You are not an experienced trader? We recommend you to follow BSB binary options training. It’s free if you hold for 300 dollars worth of SXUT. Click on the link to find out about the procedure to avail this offer (course worth 99 dollars per month).