Spectre ai awarded a 5000 $ bonus during the first month of its restricted live platform to 100 traders that happened in April (cap now lifted). Sehan W. from Australia won the prize. Here is his  review of Spectre ai and his insights about the binary trading experience offered by Spectre.ai:

I like Spectre because it’s a decentralised broker-less platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain where traders trade against the decentralised autonomous liquidity pool (DALP). So I therefore don’t have to deposit my money with Spectre and withdrawals are instant and available at any time. I also really like the Risk Management option, as sometimes it’s hard to maintain emotional discipline while trading”.

Spectre ai review: a solution to scam brokers

Speaking to Ian Buck, Spectre’s Head of Investor Relations, Sehan said: “I have been trading since 2013 and I have always traded binary options. I had bad experiences with a lot of these binary brokers; sometimes I didn’t get any of my winnings because those centralised scam brokers will find almost any excuse to not pay, and those that did pay took 1 to 2 weeks to process a withdrawal”. So far Sehan has been scammed by 3 brokers, and kicked out by another 2.

Sehan generated a 80 ETH trading volume on Spectre by trading support/resistance with higher time frames. This is his preferred trading strategy, and he often trades 4 to 5 hours per day. He concluded his conversation with Spectre explaining: “I used to do $50–100K volume easily every month, but now I’m trying not to over-trade and have a higher winning percentage instead”.

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The Spectre.ai trading platform is now open to the public (register here), with the following GEO restrictions : USA, Costa Rica, BVI, Caymans, Iran, UK (to be lifted soon when a proper license is obtained) Venezuela, Syria, Somalia, North Korea and Yemen.

Source : Medium