You can try free of charge the scam free Spectre ai binary trading platform by setting up your binary trading demo account. First click on the following button to open Spectre website, then click on Try Now to reach the sign-up page:


sign up demo account binary

As usual you will have to confirm your email address before signin in. Once done, you will reach that screen, asking you to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions, and that you accepted them.

The welcome message of the binary trading demo account says:

Spectre is a unique trading platform that allows you to trade digital options, CFDs and a range of other asset classes with unprecedented safety, enhancing your ability to generate profit in the market by giving you a significant technological edge over other traders. With its unique risk management, emotion control settings and early warning engine (EWE), the system adapts to your trading style and learns your weaknesses overtime, giving you feedback on a trade-by-trade basis. Last but not least, remember, in the SPECTRE world, there is no broker, just highly secure smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure your trade outcomes and funds are provably fair! It is time to get started.

binary trading demo account

I suggest you click on the button on the button View Tutorial, that would walk you through the different options of the application.

If you don’t, you will be directly brought to the settings screen (see above). In step one the system creates automatically a trading demo account, so you don’t need to do anything, it allocates you 100 Ethers to play around. Unless you created a live account, SXUT privileges do not concern you. Risk management will automatically help you to control your emotions by restricting the number of trades you can make according to various factors (win stop maximum open positions, etc.). You can change your risk profile, but once saved it will be locked for one week to prevent you to change your mind too quickly.

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Select which type of trade ideas you want broadcasted into the Trade Ideas panel to the left of your Spectre interface. Privacy allows you to select which actions you want broadcasted to the community. They will appear to all users if selected as “ON”. Performance allows you to define at which frequency you want the performance report to be sent to your email address. You can then define the default assets that you would see in the interface, your audio settings and last but not least, 2FA authentication in case you plan to trade for real money.

You are now all set and can start to enjoy scam free binary options trading! tutorial : set up your binary trading demo account

If you skip the tutorial or want to replay it, here are some details about what you can find on your Spectre binary trading demo account:

  1. Settings: here you can customize your Spectre to your trading and risk parameters. You can also select a range of settings for your binary trading demo account.
  2. Trade Ideas: here, Spectre finds various chart setups for you on a range of time frames. Orange indicates they are fresh and tradable, whereas grey indicates expired. Simply click on them to find out how to trade them. Click Chart to load the relevant pair up on your Chart panel. The information contained in these alerts is not investment advice and is of educative nature only. Always use your own analysis to enter trades.
  3. Payout Information: Here, you can see in detail the range of payouts you should expect to see per currency pair that you select to trade. Please note that the payouts may vary depending on the currency pair you trade and whether you have activated or not, the corresponding SXUT privilege inside your account settings.
  4. Chart: you can see a detailed, real-time chart of the asset in question. You can run a range of technical studies on the asset or trade directly from the chart into your Pending Orders and Positions area below. At the top right of the Chart panel you can also expand this into 8 separate asset charts by clicking on the scatter button. You can also select from a range of chart display themes.
  5. Positions: here, you can see your current, open trade positions in your binary trading demo account.
  6. Pending Orders: here, you can manually add pending orders at prices different from the current spot price of an asset. Spectre will monitor this until your pending order is triggered. When triggered you can choose to either receive just a notification or for it to automatically take the trade for you in your account.
  7. Trade: here, you can initiate a trade on your binary trading demo account by selecting the asset, direction, expiry and trade type. You will also be able to determine trade allocation percentages here. You can also add pending orders from this area.
  8. Calendar Tab: here you can see the live economic calendar which shows all pending and currently happening news events; either low, medium or high impact. This is tied to the News Alert which is issued 30 minutes in advance just above the Chart panel, in the event major news is coming. As and when it occurs, an audio-visual alert is issued, explaining you the results of the news.
  9. Timezones Tab: here you can see at a glance the market hours and current status of the world’s currency markets. National bank holidays and weekends are taken into account.
  10. Analytics: here, you can see a quick overview of your ITM (in the money or win rate %), return on investment (ROI %) and number of trade positions initiated or volume. By clicking on the Expand button you can get an in-depth analytical presentation of your trading strengths and weaknesses.