Spectre, the first broker-less binary options trading platform centered around an autonomous liquidity pool, has just started its operation. It is therefore still relativerly unknown, although it is a matter of time before traders start to flock to disrupt the traditional binary trading broker model.

Beta started early 2018, live trading (restricted to 100 traders) commenced on March 31st while unrestriced live trading debuted on May 1st. This however means that traders have already started to use this groundbreaking solution, and the least we can say is that the feedback is extremey positive. So far the most in-depth feedback has been provided by Crypto Calavera in an article posted on Medium titled: “A Blockchain Solution For The Corrupt World of Binary Options“. This successful trader has been exposed, as many of his peers, to the dirty tricks used by some binary options traders. Spectre was therefore very attractive for him.

We encourage you to read the full article. Here are a few key quotes showing how enthusiastic he is about the platform:

“It’s just a matter of time before this platform is discovered by the wider Binary Options trading community. Spectre is doing and will do great things.”

“With the Spectre AI model, there is no central authority that benefits from funds being kept in a financial institution earning them interest. They truly only make money through volume; losses are not important to the platform. What is important is greater volume, so that more fees can be collected. This removes the conflict of interest of the platform to want to have you lose money for them to win.”

Check out Spectre ai: click here

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